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The Great American Road Trip for Veterans:  Is a nationwide fundraising event being organized to support specific foundations who are dedicated to charitable giving to our military veterans and their families.  Intense planning and organizing is under way for this event.  Many corporate sponsors, non-profit foundations, celebrities, military leaders and citizens from every walk of life are speaking with The Captain regarding this event.  The goal of this campaign is to unite Americans across this great nation for the cause of supporting and honoring our military men and women for their heroic service in the war on terror.

The Captain:  Scott Montefusco is the organizer for this campaign.  Scott served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and has never forgotten his service to our country.  Since separating from the Marine Corps, Scott had been active in veterans’ organizations and has befriended many aging heroes.  He has always sought to promote all that is great about the United States and those who have served all of us, and has sought to inspire young people to share in his love for our nation’s great history.  He has continued to serve our country in many capacities.  Scott has been dedicated to keeping memories alive of those whose sacrifices have continued to keep this country free and great.

The Campaign:  The Captain is in the process of restoring a World War II Willys Jeep.  The Jeep will be hand-built by The Captain and readied for the Great American Road Trip by the Gartforvets support team.  The Jeep will be driven from San Francisco through the heartland of America.  The trip will conclude in New York City.  There will be organized fundraising stops all the way across the country, so that veterans and young people alike will have a chance to see the restored Jeep and talk about America.  Stops and events being considered are Veterans’ posts (VFWs, American Legions and Marine Corps League posts, corporate sponsor locations, and historical parks and museums.  Corporate sponsored fundraising auctions will be held at all events along the way.  At the final event in New York City, The Captain will auction off his Jeep for the cause…Semper Fidelis!

Headquarters for this campaign:  Is in the Captain’s Area of Operation (AO), Salt Lake City, Utah.  For this reason, many local sponsors are being organized to support the campaign.  There will be a Great Road Trip kickoff event in Salt Lake City to recognize local sponsors for their support and to set a benchmark for what will be the first of many events with a patriotic theme to raise much-needed funds for several great non-profit foundations and organizations whose work has done much good for our service personnel.  At the time of this writing, the list of organizations has not been finalized.  Those being considered are very reputable and have historically served closest to the point of support as administratively possible.  As soon as a final decision is made, the choices will be announced on this site.

This site will begin to grow with links for sponsors, stories, updates, news events, supporters and followers, and will be fleshed out as the campaign continues to gain momentum.  The Captain is dedicating much time and all his life skills to this Great American Road Trip, hoping to raise awareness of the needs of veterans and their families and to bring in contributions to charitable organizations who support them.  Many lifelong relationships will be built in service of this cause, which will strengthen patriotism in the hearts of Americans from all walks of life.  The Captain is grateful to those who are sponsoring this exciting event.

Semper Fidelis,

Scott Montefusco


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  1. Captain Montefusco: I admire your loyalty to this Country and the many vets who made it possible for me to enjoy. You are a true American! Good luck with your adventures.

  2. A salute and a big thank you to “The Captain”! Your service in the USMC is greatly appreciated and I wish you the best of luck on the Great American Road Trip.
    Thank you for helping to keep alive all the amazing stories of those who have served (and those who are currently serving) our great Nation.
    Semper Fidelis Captain. We love you.

  3. What a great combination of patriotism and adventure this project is! It is a way for young people to connect with America’s brave past, for all of us to contribute financially to the needs of those who have served and sacrificed, and a way to become acquainted with historical roads and routes. Go, Captain!

  4. Scott it’s great to hear from you and of your plans. Alice and I wish you the greatest success in this undertaking.
    Semper Fi and love to you both. Keep in touch. Pete

  5. Monte: Great site and ambitious plans you have for fundraising. Will definitely get in on the jeep raffle, whether 2015/16/17.

    Send In the Engineers!
    Semper Fi Mac,
    Brian H, Friend of Funk

    1. Thank you Cody this will be my first batch of home made Gluten free beer. Thanks to you and your new business at Salt Lake City Brew Supply. Best of luck to you too! Semper Fi, The Captain

  6. Captain,

    It was great meeting you up in Wallsburg this weekend. Lets meet up sometime and get you that box we talked about. Good luck on your ventures

    The American Rust Company

    1. Outstanding Cpl. King! Motor T for life! Yes cross country in a WW2 Jeep, only a Motor T guy would attempt this. Hope you are well, and I hope to come through your town. Are you still in PA? Give me a call Marine, lets get caught up. Semper Fi, The Captain

    1. Thank you Ted for your leadership in putting the Honor Ruck together. Your determination to take care of our own and your willingness to be there for any and all of our brothers and sisters most honorable. Thank you for your military service and your continued service to all of us. Semper Fi, brother.

  7. Scott, your servuce and dedication not only to our country, but now your dedication to honor others who have served, is something to be admired. Your campaign is truly inspiring. You can count on my support when you kick off your event here in Salt Lake when you begin the Great American Road Trip!

    1. Thank you Jackie for your service to all veterans and your work with Fisher House Foundation as well as the Patriot Riders. I enjoyed seeing you again at yet another patriotic event in support of our troops. Look forward to future events and your support. The Captain

  8. Capt. Montefusco,

    It was a pleasure meeting you today at the Utah Air Show. Always great to shake hands with a fellow Marine. The Marine Brotherhood amazes me every time I meet a new Marine. I’m in Herriman and if there is a small way I can help the cause, please let me know.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Cpl. Duane L. Patchen
    USMC Veteran

    1. Yes Corporal it is amazing and awesome that our motto, Semper Fidelis truly is always demonstrated in action as in words! Always faithful brother, glad you are aboard to help. Ohra, The Captain

  9. Hey Captain Montefusco
    It was good to see you again at the UVU SWAP MEET. I’m the Navy Veteran that stopped by with my 3 kids, I served on board the USS KITTY HAWK CV63.
    It was good to see and talk to you about “AMERICA”
    If you need my help with this project just look me up in your little green book.

    Jon Banbury

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